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"Everyone is unique and results vary. I lost 57 pounds in this challenge."
- Terry J., Pittsburgh, PA
Take the 90 Day Fat Loss Challenge and learn how to lose weight eating foods you love in fat burning combinations. With this day-by-day, step-by-step process, over a 90 day period you learn how to lose weight, burn excess fat and improve your body composition.

Lose up to 10 pounds and 3 overall inches in the first 14 days of the 90 Day Fat Loss Challenge. After the first two weeks you can expect to lose 1-2 pounds a week. This challenge is suitable for everybody including diabetics, vegetarians, vegans, meat lovers and athletes!
Succeed with Private Coaching
Call for more information, or schedule a free consultation with Jada and learn how you can live a diet free life!
Learn How To:
Food Combine
 Learn how to lose weight and keep it off eating foods you love in fat burning combinations. This is where you learn healthier habits that are lifestyle-based.
Learn How To:
Look & Feel Better
You'll learn the best practices for looking and feeling your best. We show you how to naturally look more youthful, which also includes improving joint health.
Learn How To:
Burn Belly Fat
Learn how to exercise and eat to maximize the burning of belly fat. In addition to natural ways to burn belly fat, we introduce you to proven ways to supplement.
 What People Are Saying:
"...I lost 75 with this program and I feel great"
There are many ways to lose weight but none are like this. You literally feel like you are not dieting and you learn to eat regular, every day food and the fat just comes off. The best thing I've ever done. 
Dee Dee, 53 - Alcoa, TN
"...I lost 40 pounds and I feel years younger"
There are many ways to lose weight. The programs you get here are above and better than anything you could imagine. I love over 40 pounds and it never felt like a diet. It's a lifestyle!
Andrea, 48 - Detroit, MI
"...I lost over 70 pounds without dieting"
The thought of eating food I love and losing weight didn't seem realistic until I did it. Learning how to combine food to lose weight can help so many people. You're in the right place. God Bless!!!
Cindy, 58 - Medaryville, IN
Lose Up To 10 Pounds and 3 Inches In Your First 14 Days!
I lost over 240 LBS. It Works! - Kathy B.
  • NO counting calories or points.
  • NO avoiding carbs.
  • NO tasteless diet food.
  • NO food restriction.
With our 90 Day Fat Loss Challenge and Private Coaching, you get access to meal plans, workout programs, grocery lists, restaurant guide, lectures, delicious fat burning recipes and so much more!
Certified Nutritionist with
Diet Free Life University
About Jada
I’m a mother, grandmother, certified nutritionist, and production project manager at a Fortune 500 company. When I’m not working, I’m usually being active in some way. My drug of choice is Jazzercise (have attended for more years than I care to admit and instructed for 14 years), but I also love walking my Golden Retrievers, yoga, you name it ... I’m an exercise junkie. The good kind. I like to sing and sometimes dance … in my car (don’t judge). I’m dedicated to helping you connect with your own passion and live an empowered life of health, fitness and fulfillment!

In 2018, I discovered Diet Free Life and lost 30 pounds. As a fitness professional, I have helped many people. But, after years of giving to others, I found myself in a battle with unwanted weight gain. So, I began working with Robert Ferguson and Diet Free Life. After my success, I realized I wanted to offer what I had learned and experienced to others and became a Certified Diet Free Life Coach.

I wholeheartedly believe in assisting others as they conquer personal battles with health and nutrition, and learn to live Diet Free for Life!
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